Restoring the Lost Petal

Sexual Sin – Deeper Than Skin

Sexual Sin. What’s that, and why does God talk so much about it? What are the effects of sexual sin? You find some really crazy verses in the Bible about sexual sin! What in the world is God so worked up about? If He made our bodies and He made sex, then why does He […]

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*It Must Stop With You: How Reading Erotica Today Will Effect Your Son Tomorrow

Surely no woman in her right mind does a read-aloud with an erotica novel for her boys. Hopefully no woman in her right mind lets erotica lay on the coffee table next to the newspaper and the family Bible. That would be wrong. Hopefully most little boys whose moms are reading erotica don’t have the faintest […]

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Why I Am Bearing My Soul in Restoring the Lost Petal

Why did I write Restoring the Lost Petal? A book with part of my soul in it should be easy to explain but I’ve struggled to come up with words. When I step back and think about it, the core behind sharing my story of hurt, healing and restoration is to share the love of […]

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