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The Misconceptions of Women Series


The Lord reveled an alarming trend while reading through blogs and even in person with friends.

Unrealized, snap judgments of other women based on their places in life.

We sometimes tend to hid the socially acceptable opinions of women whose shoes we know nothing about rather than stop to ask the the Lord what a day in the life of another gal might be like.

What does she choose to do what she does? Does she have a choice? Is her seeming perfection reality or is it a wall that someone else built that separates her from others?

In the posts below you’ll find real stories from real women in different seasons and places in their lives. More than likely, you know women in many of these same seasons

I encourage you, as you read through these posts, ask the Lord to reveal to you how you can better serve the women you know and ask Him to make clear any judgment you’ve had against these types of women and repent.

Misconceptions of A Pastor’s Wife

Misconceptions of The Homeshooling Mom

Misconceptions of the Mom with Public Schooled Children

Misconceptions of the Working Mom

Misconceptions of the Blogging Mom

Misconceptions of the Homeshooling, Working, Single Mom, Part 1

Misconceptions of the Homeshooling, Working, Single Mom, Part 2

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