Restoring the Lost Petal

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The Past 8 Months: A MTFW Recap

Our lives have changed dramatically in the past 8 months.

The Phone Call

August 24, 2012….A sunny day in Bristol Tennessee.  I was just seeing off the rest of our group as they were heading to the nearby lake for some afternoon fun while Wyatt and I hung out in the camper. We were all looking forward to a weekend of NASCAR racing and camping.

I had literally just kissed my husband and my phone rang.  I didn’t answer figuring I’d call my niece back after the gang left.

Before he could get in the truck my husband’s phone rang.

It was the call that changed your lives.

Our house was on fire.

The results of a vehicle that lost control and landed a few feet from our home. Smashing lawn furniture, my son’s play set and destroying our second floor and attic with fire.


 Camper Living

Since then, we’ve been living in our camper waiting for…..

Well, that’s the other thing.

We were originally told we’d be remodeling and we’d be back in within 3 months…then 4….then 5….then they deemed it a total loss.

Here we are 8 months later still in the camper and just now getting ready to break ground on a new home.

Camper living has truthfully been an easy transition.  This process has taught me so much. One thing I’ve realized is that you can do without most of what you think you need to have.

One hold up on the process was the total loss determination of the house. Ee waited eight weeks for the engineer’s report to deem our 90+ year old log cabin irreparable.

The second hold up was the bank.  Talk about a lesson in patience.  We started the loan process on January 2 and didn’t settle until March 20-something (I’ve forgotten already). The loan manager was new, we were his first loan and it was a total comedy of errors.

March: The Good The Bad and The Crazy

As we walk through this season of waiting and training we have had some memorable experiences, especially in March.

My husband Brad celebrated one year alcohol free. Praise God. This was something I prayed about for many, many years.  He also made a commitment to quit chewing and I launched Virtuous Lips.

On Easter Sunday my blog went down. Corrupt files sent two years and some 200 posts into cyber space lost forever.

And On March 11 a second vehicle lost control and hit our house….again… twice in 6 months.  Crazy.

If ever there was confirmation that we needed to move the house that was it.


So there you have it.  A 417-word history of the Tate’s last 8 months.  We are, so close to being in a new house, the blog back up and with new purpose and I feel like I have grown in the Lord 10-fold in the past several months.

No matter what, God is good, his mercies are new every day and good things do come to those who wait.



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  1. Rebecca Nelson says:

    Wow. You have been through a lot recently. God IS good though! My father struggled with alcohol for many years, but praise the Lord has been free for about 14 years now. He and my mom now have the best marriage ever, so free of co-dependency, and full of dependence on God.
    I have a totally unrelated question. Are you still using the recipe for laundry detergent that you posted in January 12 using borax, F-N soap, washing soda, baking soda and boraxo hand soap? I have read a lot of comments that detergent made using just the borax, F-N soap and washing soda can leave clothes yellowed or dingy over time. Do you find adding boraxo and baking soda helps? Thanks so much for letting me know.

    • Danielle says:

      Praise God for your parents’ strong marriage and the broken chains of addiction!

      As far as the detergent: I have heard that too. I do think the baking soda helps. I also do the vinegar rinse and most recently added some Oxyclean especially to Brad’s work clothing loads.

      I’m actually going to rewrite that post and put it up again in a few weeks. It was a popular post.

  2. So happy for your husband and your family ~ alcholism runs DEEP on my dad’s side of the family. SO glad I never took to drinking ~ at all ~ but, many family members have. It’s tough. Glad your husband was toughER! Will pray for you as you build your new home … judging by the new foundation hole ~ it’s going to be GREAT! (((HUGS)))


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