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Turning the Ordinary Into Teachable Moments

A look at turning the ordinary into teachable moments

Life should be seen a learning experience.  Every day, no matter our age we should see what we can learn.

I need to practice what I preach.

All too often I forget that I am not above learning something new.

I’m reminded when I look our son that every day is a learning day.  There should be no “school days” verses “vacation days”. They are all days to learn, especially in the early days.  I’m learning more and more that preschool is NOT what the education system has defined it.  It’s a time to learn and explore…and for us moms to relax.  These hard and fast boundaries we try to set put learning in one box and life in another.

These lines need blurred.

Every day, even in the ordinary there are teachable moments.  Teachable moments for:

  • respectful behavior
  • good habits
  • learning about nature
  • learning to cook
  • learning to take care of your things
  • learning to notice the little things
  • learning to have faith in God
  • looking for God sightings
  • learning to pray for others

Most of this behavior we want in our children but how much do we model it for them?  Do we practice what we preach or just sing, “do as I say, not as I do?

As I form the habit of looking for teachable moments I find them everywhere.

Like the morning pictured above, when we noticed an illusive bird we have seen only a few times before.  Wyatt raced for the bird book so we could see what it was.  All along I knew it was an indigo bunting but he did not.  So we sat and watched, and read about the indigo bunting in our bird book.  Then we listened to his song on my phone app so we could listen for him later in the woods.  After that we observed a confused humming bird at the seed feeder and I got some great pictures of him.

Don't despise the little moments

The following morning yielded more discoveries when we found this guy on the front door.


We looked him up online, he’s a katydid.  We watched a video of katydids and later on a walk we looked closely at some trees to see if we could find more.

The seemingly insignificant times, like letting the dog out, relaxing on the deck or taking out the trash are all exciting times for little eyes (and ears and hands).  As you go through life, don’t forget the mundane isn’t mundane to your little ones.  There are teachable moments all around you. They watch and learn from your every move and there is always something to learn.

 What’s your favorite memory of a teachable moment?

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  1. This is so true. I think it is very important that we don’t separate learning from life. One little thing our family does, because my husband works from home, is watching an “educational” DVD during lunch. Yes, this is for the benefit of our homeschooled children, but my husband would be watching these shows anyway. In this small way, we are teaching them that learning doesn’t stop at graduation. Great post!


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