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6 Other Ways to Simplify Your Life

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When I go to craft shows or auctions I often seen rustic and or primitive decor with the word “Simplify” on it.

It struck me as ironic the other day when I saw stuff with the word simplify on it..How funny it is to think of buying things and to sit around that say simplify when more stuff actually adds clutter, not simplification.

I long for simple. I wish I could shed off the things of this world sometimes and live simply off the land with less stuff to manage.  I know I can, we’ve done it before and as much as I love this house the Lord blessed us with I still look for ways to simplify my life.  Here are few ways to get you started if you’re looking to simplify.simplify

These might not be the normal ones you hear about but they go a long way to keeping things simple.

Put God First

As we seek God first in our day and our life it should become easier to say yes, and no to the things in life that complicate.  Over commitment is huge complication that many people cannot untangle.  Fear of rejection or disapproval often make people over commit and complicate their lives. When we hear from God and follow His leading we will likely find our definition of simple.

Keep a Calendar

I talk often about planners and organizing life.  Organization is key to simplification for two reasons.  First, when you’re organized you have less surprises and less stress from rushing around for forgotten activities or feeling the hopelessness that goes with no end in sight for the various projects around your home.  Secondly, a calendar or planner gives you a bird’s eye view of what is going on in your life.  How full is that calendar? Is there a place to go  Are you constantly running?  Than perhaps it’s time for a move toward simplification.

Clear Your Calendar

I just told you to keep a calendar schedule and now I’m telly you to clear it.  When you get that bird’s eye view take a good hard look at how busy you are.  You may need to manage your commitments, finish up seasons and the like but once those things are done you need to set limits and clear your schedule.  I challenge you to clear one week and do no “running.” No errands, no visits, no quick trips to the market.  Church on Sunday and then spend the rest of the week at home.

Organize Cluttered Spaces

Let’s face it.  We all want a pantry that looks like something from Pintrest but in reality even when we have it the beauty never lasts long.  That is life.  But keeping your pantry and closets neat and clutter free is a great way to simplify.  What junk is hiding in the hall closet? Donate it! What half-eaten bags of cookies and chips are lurking in the back of your pantry?  Trash it!

Reduce your wardrobe

Every few months I go through my wardrobe and weed.   I weed out things I haven’t worn all season, things that don’t fit and things I bought or was given that just don’t feel or look right on me.  Off to the mission they go.  I am a firm believer that organized and uncluttered spaces help to simply not on the feel of a room but they create a simpler, easier atmosphere for your soul.

Tame the Toy Monster

It is amazing how quickly nonsensical plastic toys accumulate.  I swear they breed at night while we are sleeping.  You know the kind I’m talking about. The stuff grandma brings from Happy Meals, the trinkets given out out at church functions and the like.  They’re fun for a bit but after awhile they over run your life.  The same goes even for expensive or bigger toys.  Your children’s happiness and security in life do not come from a playroom stuffed with toys.  Don’t mistake presents for presence.  Limit what they get (or at least what they keep) and make a habit of regularly giving away usable toys to your local rescue mission or Salvation Army.

Every Craft is Not a Keeper

I’m sure I won’t win Mother of the Year for this but every craft, coloring page or mini project your children do does not need to hang on the refrigerator for 2 years.  It doesn’t even need to be kept for 2 years.  There are programs like the digital Artkive that allow you turn pictures of super cute artwork into a book or other keepsake item.  There’s also these amazing picture frames.  I have them on my Christmas list.  They are great for the artwork you do want to keep. Bottom line, keep them for a season or digitize them.  If you absolutely cannot part with anything your child has made then at least organize it well so it isn’t cluttering up your kitchen. I keep things for about  month and then they either go into this or this (yes, that’s what we actually have in our kitchen!)


What’s your uncommon way to simplify life?

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  1. Amen on the “every craft is not a keeper.” I always feel bad throwing things like that out, but really? we’re not saving half a scribble for the next 20 years.

  2. I had this same thought the other day when I was walking through a store with a friend and we saw a tabletop sign that said “Simplify”. It was cute, but we both agreed that a big step in the right direction toward “simplifying” is not buying items like that! We couldn’t help but laugh.
    Thank you for breaking this down into achievable categories! You’ve inspired me to tackle my linen closet next (organize cluttered spaces)!

    • It is ironic isn’t it? To buy a sign saying “Simplify.” So glad I’ve inspired you! Be sure to stop by Facebook and post a picture of your newly organized linen closet!

  3. Blir ikke lei av Bergen, det er jo "grombyen"! Helt objektivt altsÃ¥…Innlegget ditt burde brukes i en turistbrosjyre, bare sÃ¥ flott!God helg!


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