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Working Moms and Prostitutes – Are They One and The Same?

To compare working outside the home to prostitution is demeaning and insulting. It diminishes the heinous crime of sex trafficking, the trap of prostitution and puts shame on the mom who, by choice or circumstance must work outside the home.

Rarely do I interact with the blogger who wrote the post comparing her work experience to prostitution but by chance, purpose or Facebook algorithm, there it was in my newsfeed.

Part of me was outraged, part of me was sad. I tried to comment at least four times, but nothing I’d have said would have been fitting.

Working and prostitution. Is there a line between them? If so, I can't find it.

I could not believe that someone would draw a parallel between their working outside the home and the sex industry even for their own lives.

Lest you think both working outside the home and prostitution are choices made only for money. Let me education you.

Prostitution, for 89-96% of the women involved is not a choice. Prostitution most often happens as a residual symptom of prior trauma. 90% of female prostitutes have been sexually abused as children.

This naïve and lonely girl might think turning a few tricks will earn her quick cash to get out of her town and escape to a better life but once she’s in, there’s nothing but horror.

First, like a piece of meat, she is seasoned. This can include gang rape, beatings, sleep deprivation, the hostage of children and sodomy to break the woman until she’s tender enough to be completely controlled by her pimp. Tell me, have you endured these horrors when you stepped outside your door?

Once committed to the industry many pimps use mental, physical, financial and emotional abuse to keep their “family” together. And if she wants to leave the exit fee is so high her chances of ever saving the money are slim and the physical price she’ll pay could cost her life. Tell me, when you quit work what price did you pay? Less money, loss of comfortable things?

Forget waiting until 5 o’clock to punch out. If a prostitute doesn’t meet her quota and returns to the brothel she’s most often beaten and sent back out on the street to earn her keep. Tell me, when you left work at the end of the day, did you fear returning home could cost you a broken arm?

There is no comparison.

If you’re working solely to escape the responsibilities of home management and raising your children you’re probably selfish, but you’re not a prostitute.

Parenting and home management are not easy regardless of your employment status but if you’re overwhelmed with it all that does not make you a harlot.

It means you need your Savior.

At no time is your “bad” decision to go to work even spiritually as significant
as the trap of prostitution.

Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

Working outside the home might be a selfish act but is not compromising your temple.  God’s commands to preserve our temple is because of His residence therein. He doesn’t want to share us with demonic inhabitants. When you have sexual contact with someone you exchange more than bodily fluids. The demonic spirits are attached to your sexual partner can attach themselves to you.

Working outside the home does not guarantee a demonic encounter the way sexual immorality does.

Working does not make you a prostitute.


Most women I know who work outside the home are not doing so to escape their duties at home. In fact, the woman who is working outside the home and maintaining the home has a great deal of responsibility on her shoulders. I recall getting up at 4am to have my devotions, make bread and start dinner before my husband got up so I could prepare him for his day and then, then I would I get ready for work.

I asked my Facebook friends and followers why they worked outside the home when their children were at home. The overwhelming majority did so out of necessity not out of a desire to escape their home life. Many said they’d stay home given the opportunity.

A Matter of Faith

The author of the aforementioned blog post was overall speaking about having faith in God to provide rather than taking matters into her own hands. That struggle I can understand. Faith in action is harder than it sounds. Depending on God is more than a spiritual experience. It’s boots on the ground, doing what He’s called you to do even if it is hard.

Since the birth of our son I’ve found myself in a few different roles:

Never would I have imagined the heartache that goes into the decision to work or stay home. Before our son I would not have been able to relate to you as you choose between going to work and staying home; contributing to the income or making even more cuts to make ends meet.

It’s justified by many that working as a blogger or author isn’t the same as leaving home because Mom is present. She just earns income from her kitchen table. Great for you mama, I do this too!

But in biblical times there was no internet. Yet, it’s easy to see that our beloved Proverbs 31 woman, the one we all want to be more like, didn’t stay in her home as she provided for and cared for her family. We read that she:

  • Bought property (verse 16)
  • Brought food from afar (verse 14)
  • Sought after wool and flax (verse 13)
  • Sold and delivered belts/sashes to the merchants (verse 24)

She didn’t use or Vitacost to get her goodies and I’m sure she didn’t have an Etsy shop set up to sell her garments. She provided for her family in ways that were customary to her time. In the 21st century a women working outside the home is doing the same as long as her heart on the matter is in line with God’s design and plan.

Mom, if you are working outside the home you are not less than. You aren’t a harlot. You’re a mom. Keep your heart focused on what matters, put God first and let him lead.

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