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5 Real Foods You Need (And Probably Already Have)

If you’re looking to transition to a more real food diet it can be tempting to toss out everything you have and start from scratch.

If you’ve got serious food allergies or intolerance this might be necessary but over all it’s not a good idea.  First, it’s hard on the budget and second you probably have some basic real food ingredients in your kitchen to get started with.

5 Real Foods In Your Home

Here are 5 foods great real food choices you probably have already:

Beans/Legumes – Did you know you can make cupcakes with beans?  Tasty, moist cupcakes I might add.  Or even awesome peanut butter cookies with lentils?  You can!! Dry beans or canned beans are a great real food source of nutrition. Don’t fret over gas. Just soak your beans and rinse well prior to use.  The Everything Beans Book is an excellent resource for all things beans too. From preparation to plate you don’t want to miss Everything Beans Book. 

Nuts – Nuts full of good fat, fat your body and your brain need to survive and thrive.  They’re good raw or in homemade trail mix.  You can even try your hand at homemade nut butter.

Honey – If you’ve got local honey you’ve got gold!  The benefits of honey are numerous.  Just make sure it’s not a “honey flavored sweetener.”  (Yes, there is such a thing…..I found it once at the Dollar General.)  Try sweetening your coffee or tea with honey instead of white sugar.

Oils and Vinegars – Extra virgin olive oil is a great go to for cooking as well as apple cider vinegar.

Fish – Wild caught fish is another source of good quality fat.  There is some concern over where source these days due to water pollution but fish, especially salmon is a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Here’a 4-ingredient salmon recipe that is awesome.

As you research you’ll find that there are better ways to prepare and use the above ingredients but having these items is a start. Don’t get discouraged as you switch out your foods, take it one day at at time.  Remember, small steps lead to big progress!


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  1. This is such an encouraging post! I love that you are always so graceful about starting slow. I cannot wait to read more about what you do with beans. They have become my favorite frugal item as of late and I am always looking for more creative ways to use them. Thanks for the info!

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