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The Best New Mom Advice You Need, Even If You’re Not A New Mom

I was given a copy of Prayers for Your Children to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

“Your life will never be the same.”

“Good luck going to NASCAR races anymore.”

“Things will change, you’ll see.”

Knowledge You Don’t Need

They say there is one in every crowd and my one for snarky comments on motherhood was an old should-have-retired-years-ago man at work. The above comments unusually had a few expletive words mixed in. The bigger I got the worse the comments. I took them with a grain of salt, especially given the source and decided he was probably speaking from his family experience so maybe for him the above was true. 

In those first nine months of motherhood I got plenty of advice for new moms, mostly unsolicited, from well meaning coworkers and strangers. The majority of it was useless or at best not relevant to our view of parenting and family. Still, I knew I needed help, after all a mom’s job is a big one.

The Best Advice for New Moms


What Moms Do

As moms we are given the most amazing opportunity: raising up mighty men and women of God. Do you understand the full gravity of what that means? The God of the universe hand selected you to be the navigator, protector and investor of His creation.


In the early years we get to play Holy Spirit Jr for our children as we model and teach how to relate to others, hear from God and develop a moral world view. It’s said that a child’s moral compass is set by the time they are ten years old.  Ten.  Not 18, ten. Before that, we guide and steer their thoughts, actions and help them play their role as a godly child until they’re able to live this out with a right and pure heart on their own. What a huge responsibility.


When I was pregnant I have the revelation that everything I did from that day forward would impact my son’s life. The food I ate, the medicines I took, the shampoo I used all had the potential to impact my son. And once they’re born the protection-factor of motherhood is ramped up even more. You watch out for hidden dangers they don’t understand and you teach stranger danger to your toddlers. You teach your children about sexuality and, in the teen years you help them become aware of the dangers of driving, drinking and drugs. We’re constantly looking to protect our children, it’s what mamas do.


How ironic that the two things most people wish they had more of are the biggest investments you put into your children: time and money. Whether you live modestly or lavishly children will take up a good portion of your money. That’s just reality. The other investment, time is such a precious and priceless investment. Your return on investment might not be seen for years to come but the ROI of reading to child every day might be the difference between struggling through school just to get it over with or an appetite for a life of learning and loving books. The investment of time teaching your children about life and God will set them up for success that is hard to measure by the world’s standards. We are investors in the best stock options available: children of God.

prayers for your children

The Ultimate Navigation, Protection and Investment Tool

At my baby shower everyone wrote down a short note of wisdom for Brad and I. After the fire I searched Wyatt’s fire-ravished room for these cards. They were precious to me. I read them often. The one that hit home the most:

best parenting advice ever

Prayer is the ultimate navigation system, shield of protection and investment account you can have for your child. 

As you navigate the waters of every stage of a child’s life you need first to go to the Ultimate Source. He is the way. We don’t need a map we need Him. Prayers gets us through the days when we feel like we’re at our wits end. It’s helps us handle the tough conversations like lying, stealing, sexuality and just needing to say no to something.

More than that, prayers now can speak into the future for your child. Praying that they are able to navigate the road ahead as they fly from your nest. Even adult children can be covered in the prayers of their parents as they navigate the seasons of life.

Prayers of protection can do more than our watchful eye. After all, we cant’ be everywhere they are so why not entrust them to the One who can? We can pray prayers of protection for their minds, bodies, emotions, finances and more. We can speak out protection over the prodigal child who is far away God. They may not want you to pray with them but nothing can stop you for praying for them.

prayers for your children


And when we invest in our child’s life, both now and in the future, with prayer we are planting seeds that go far beyond us. We may never see the results but we can speak into their future. Praying for future spouses, good decision making and a hunger for God that grows just as fast as they do.

I’m in my fifth year of motherhood, the toddling four year old who runs around naked and makes golf balls out of cheese sticks surely keeps me on my toes. He’s helpful, thoughtful and if I cry he brings me a stuffie and prays for me. He’s full of spunk, has one volume (loud) and one speed (fast). Pray over him every day has taken on a new meaning with each new (and quickly changing) stage of life.

Where to Begin

If your aren’t sure where to start with praying for your children, no matter age I recommend Prayers For Your Children by James Banks. This 90-Day prayer book can be a jumping off point or a revisited resource quarter after quarter, year after year as you pray for you babies, big and small.

In Prayers for Your Children you will find detailed prayers laden with scriptural truths for you to speak out over your children for now and for the future. Each of the 13 weeks has a theme and there is a topical index in the back so you can select prayers based on what is on your heart for your child.

Before he was born it was prophesied over Wyatt twice that he would be a warrior for the Lord; on fire for God’s will. One of my favorite prayers is Day 38: Work of Your Hands:

“……….I pray he will follow you into whatever work you have planned for him. When he is still trying to determine what he should do I pray he will ask you for guidance (Isaiah 8:19b), and that you will make the way so clear he cannot miss it! Please give him the wisdom and understanding that his work is a calling and a gift from you……” ~ Prayers for Your Children, page 144

 Your life will change drastically when you have children. All of it for the better. It will grow you, it will challenge your thinking and it will make you stand for things you never imagined you’d care about. As for us, we will never do things the same now that we have Wyatt. We do them better; as a family.  Oh, and as far as NASCAR goes, he’s a Kyle Busch fan.
wyatt at bristol

What’s your best motherhood advice?

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Prayers for Your Children from Family Christian. Good luck!

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