Restoring the Lost Petal

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Why I Am Bearing My Soul in Restoring the Lost Petal

Why did I write Restoring the Lost Petal?

Restoring the Lost Petal

A book with part of my soul in it should be easy to explain but I’ve struggled to come up with words.

When I step back and think about it, the core behind sharing my story of hurt, healing and restoration is to share the love of the Father and help other women find healing.  If He cared enough about me in all my brokenness to totally heal me and restore to my rightful place as a daughter of the King, how can I not share my story?  I’m no one special, if He can heal me, He can heal others.  If He walked with me through my sin and shame He is walking with others too.

In a conversation with my editor about the release of Restoring the Lost Petal she said to me, “If one person receives healing, will it be worth it to you?”  

If His will is for one, let it be.

But I don’t want to stop there.  I want this book to reach the young and the old.  The teenager who doesn’t believe waiting is worth it.

The 20-something who can’t put her finger on why she feels so empty inside, even when she lays down with her boyfriend.

The middle age mom who struggles to really enjoy intimate times with her husband because there’s baggage, too much baggage.

I want the one who doesn’t even know she’s got “issues” to realize she’s got issues and the only medication she needs is blood of Christ to wash her clean.

Restoring the Lost Petal

Taboo and Hot Button Issues

Sex and sexual education in America are either taboo or hot button issues.  Some conservative circles would rather not educate at all about sex and leave it “between them and God.” Main stream sexual education advocates want children to be taught the mechanics of sexual activity in public school.  Passing out condoms and talking about the morning after pill like it’s Tylenol for a bad headache.

Where is the help for woman who have had sex and now feel shame, guilt and inner turmoil?

Where is the story of the scientific information about how are brains behave when we experience sexual or sensual stimulation?

It’s hard to find.  It’s hard to find answers to why you feel so bad let alone how to get help.  That’s why I bare my soul in Restoring the Lost Petal, so women can find some answers.  I found them and I am healed.  Now, as I share my hope and prayer is they the healing will continue.  That one will be healed and share the healing with another and she with yet another.  So that in our healing we can bless and help another heal.

So for whatever small piece of the world I am to reach, God laid it on my heart to share my story.  I want women to be free after believing the lie that says there’s freedom in being sexuality active.

If only one woman is saved from the bondage I’m happy.  If only one woman is freed from chains she’d lived in for years, I’m happy.

After all, God will leave 99 to find the one.

Find out more about Restoring the Lost Petal: A Journey Through the Loss and Restoration of Sexual Purity and get your copy today.


The Talk

I also encourage you to pick up a copy of The Talk from Trisha and Luke Gilkerson.  Every parent needs to read this.  You can read more about The Talk in this post.  

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  1. Entered! These will be great books to go to for reference while counseling. If I don’t win, I will be purchasing! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait til the release of your new book. Would love to win the giveaway.

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