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Can Country Music Be Christian Music

In my pre-Christian days my music of choice was Country. I listened to other stuff by Country music was one of my favorites. Something about the steel guitar, violins and other string instruments of old time country music made my soul stir and my hands clap.

As I began my journey with Christ I realized even good ole country music wasn’t exactly the best of influences especially given my checkered past with bad relationships and my desire to be loved and swept off my feet. Romantic songs stirred my heart but left me feeling worse at the end of the day. Fast forward to today’s country music, which I barely recognize, and there more beer and boobs than ever before.

Yet, the tunes and melodies of the country style are so lovely to my ear.

What’s a girl to do?

Enter The Gaither Vocal Band.

Photo By: Debbie Whitehead Platz


I admit, I never spent much time listening to the Gaithers before (shamefully) earlier this week.  I really wanted to get to know their music months ago when Family Christian offered me the opportunity to see them in concert but the time just wasn’t there for me. I wish I’d have found the Gaithers earlier!

Wow! Great music and melody. Amazing voices and awesome lyrics.  Here are two of my favorites.

Such powerful God-given talent in the folks of the Gaither Homecoming tour.  It’s gospel country like I have never heard it before.

David Phelps is classically trained and has a powerful voice and I’m loving listening to Charlotte Ritchie sing. She’s got an amazing voice as well.  *Note: Not only is Charlotte a great singer but her song was with her. We got to watch him run up to his mama in his pajamas after the concert while Charlotte was at her merchandise table. Her eyes lit up as her little boy, probably four or five, ran to her arms. It blessed me as much as the music did!

I was not at all familiar with the Bill and Gloria Gaither or the other artists that work with them but I soon discovered some talented singers. And, Gaither Radio! If you go to you’ll find Gaither Radio – an Mp3 pop up where you can stream Gaither music FREE!

I’m so blessed to be headed to Hershey PA to the Giant Center to see the Gaither Vocal Band. Thank you Family Christian for this amazing opportunity! Find out when the Gaithers are coming to your area here.

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