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Christians and Christmas an Oxymoron?

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It’s that time…..

Time where Facebook likers will undoubtedly unlike pages in protest of the blogger’s stance on the “S” word, or the “T” word or even the “G” word. A time when nasty comments will fly like the snow flakes in the air….’tis the season.  Before you read further or comment on other blogger’s posts, I encourage you to read this post first.

The nasty little words that fly around this time of year….are you ready for them…..shield the eyes of the innocent…..




I know, I know.  I’m doomed.

Please forgive the sarcasm. As I write this I just know why lies ahead this Christmas season and it bugs me so I’m jumping in with my two-cents. It seems many who have a problem with these words are fearful that the real meaning of Christmas is lost.  That commercialism has taken over society and the Christian meaning of the holiday is put in the trash like Grandma’s fruit cake.

The History Lesson

While I agree that brawls on Black Friday over the last pair of socks is certainly not what Christmas is supposed to be about let me blow your mind…….Christmas didn’t start out as a warm and fuzzy day to celebrate.  It sounds more like a nightmare to me:

Stephen Nissenbaum, professor of History at University of Massachusetts, Amhert wrote, “The earliest Christmas holidays were celebrated by drinking, sexual indulgence, singing naked in the streets (a precursor of modern caroling), etc.”

It is widely known that Christmas was a “remedy” to a Pagan holiday.  To boot, there is no historical basis that Jesus was born on December 25th.

So how can a Christian, sold out for Christ celebrate such a horrible day that isn’t even really when Christ was born?

Because our hearts are pure and our intention is to celebrate a miracle that changed the world.  It is a time to give a small token gift to loved ones in remembrance of the gift He was to us.   We’ll have a tree, but not for pagan ritual and we’ll sing Christmas carols, with our clothes.  We will remember that one day a child was born to die for the sake of sinners like us. We might have it all wrong here on earth but one day will see clearly in Heaven when with sit with Him.   There is the day we set aside to remember this, December 25th.

Celebrating Christmas isn’t going to get you into Heaven, but if your heart remains pure it won’t keep you out either.

You can balance healthy family traditions with your love of Christ.  In fact, the two can be woven together with and with careful consideration, new traditions that focus on Christ can emerge.  When you’re living a spiritually thriving lives your traditions are always subject to change as God leads.

We are building healthy family traditions intertwined with Christ.

Tate Family Traditions

Trees and Decor

We have a tree because it has significance and meaning for us. The tree brings back memories of our first Christmas together.  This manly man I was going to marry showed me his soft side by spending hours and over $100 with me getting new ornaments and trimmings for our tree.  I realized then how special he was.

For my husband, having a tree brings back fond memories.  Same goes with decking our home with lights.  I see this as a tribute to Brad’s dad who loved Christmas.  I also enjoy the nostalgia of putting up my Grandfather’s nativity. It reminds me of days past year after year he would buy a new piece to add to the scene.


Because we travel on Christmas morning we exchange our gifts Christmas Eve.  Yes, even with a toddler we open gifts Christmas Eve.  I know, I know – where’s the thrill?  It’s quite nice because Wyatt has time to play with his gifts and doesn’t have to open and rush out the door Christmas morning.


Here’s the thing with Jolly ‘Ole St. Nick….he is everywhere – the mall, television, down town and talked about by family and friends.  We did pictures with Santa (for free) the last two years at Bass Pro Shops but we don’t make a hype about it.  Opening gifts in the evening works well because we only sorta do Santa. Wyatt has been told, and will continue to be told, that gifts come from people and Santa is sort of like Mickey Mouse.  Fun but not real.

We enjoy Christmas and I won’t hide my head in shame.  We do so knowing full well that it is NOT about jingle bells and reindeer and not even the actual day Christ was born.  We celebrate as a time to pause and remember the miracle birth or Jesus and gather with family.

Do you celebrate Christmas, why or why not?


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