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Honoring Your Breadwinner By Being Frugal

being frugal

Being frugal is more than just saving money.  It may be your part of the team effort for successful family finances.

If your husband is the breadwinner being frugal is also about honoring him.

Even if you work inside or outside the home for pay, if your husband is the main breadwinner than you can still honor him in your home management, especially in the kitchen.

Why Honor Him

Honor him because his position of breadwinner deserves to be honored.  

He works hard to provide for his family.  Maybe he doesn’t sweat in a factory all day or work in the field, but even a “cushy” office job is hard work mentally.  I can attest that sometimes mental labor is worse than physical labor.  

Even if you earn income your husband most likely feels the burden to provide for his family.  When you can honor and respect that feeling by cutting costs you are doing a wonderful thing for him.  God created him to want to provide so even if you’re in a position where you have to work you can still honor him when you’re manging the home.

Practicing Honor By Being Frugal

When I first considered the idea of “being frugal” I envisioned hours of coupon clipping and cutting the top off lotion bottles to scrape out what the pump couldn’t get.

I confess, I do cut the top off the lotion bottle but I don’t I hate cutting coupons.  Here are are some other practical ways you can honor your husband by being frugal around the house.

Tell him you are going to work toward being more frugal. 

Thank him for going to work every day. 

Eat dinner by candle light (even with the kids)

Do laundry in cold water rather than hot. 

Hang up wet laundry rather than using the dryer.

Meal plan and use up left overs. 

Turn the lights off and open the curtains to save on electricity. 

Save gas by planning trips to town and get as much done while your there as you can.  

Buy used rather than new when it comes to clothing, homeschool curriculum or even kitchen gadgets.

Keep an eye on your thermostat. On cooler days be sure to bump the AC up so it doesn’t run. 

Open the windows on cooler, less humid days

Plan your baking so that you can leave the oven on rather than needing to preheat several times a day.

Pack snacks when you go out shopping or on day trips to avoid the need for fast food or convenience store stops.

Use the internet to get inspired to do crafts with the kids or other school activities that are cheap or free.

Utilize your local library rather than buying books (some libraries allow you to reserve online too!)

Make stuff from scratch when you can (and when it’s cost effective).

When couples work together, to achieve financial success they have a much better chance of actually being successful.  Even though you may not “make the bread” you honor the one who does by doing simple, everyday things to be frugal.

Your turn: What are the little things you do to be frugal and honor your breadwinner?

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  1. I do some of the things you mentioned, like hanging laundry to dry. I also try to always have a couple of inexpensive “go-to” meals available (like spaghetti) so that if I am overwhelmed one day, we don’t spend money we don’t have allocated on eating out. I stock up when I find items at a great price… I use cloth diapers 90% of the time. I keep my showers short and sweet. 🙂 Anything I’m interested in purchasing that’s not “normal” or “necessary” I ask for his input on. If he says we need to wait for now, then we wait. 🙂

    I think there are lots of little things we can do that we overlook daily, like praying for his day to be profitable (in productivity and finances) and choosing not to strees when finances are tight (i.e. resting in contentment). Well, at least I overlook those too often.

  2. Some really great suggestions! This is all about communicating Respect to your husband and showing that you appreciate them…something Men love just as much as women do. 🙂 Thanks for your insight and great tips!

  3. I wrote about this a few months ago too! I am glad to see you post this. I know a lot of people who are on a single income (their husband) and still overspend even at the expense of his peace. I have unfortunately done it myself. The last few years I have looked at my looking for ways to save money, as a gift in return to my husband who works very, very hard. I am thankful for the opportunity to be home with my kids and it is just about trying to make the limited money go a little farther

  4. My husband works really early in the morning and so I get up with him, make him his lunch and iron his shirt so that he looks clean and neat. Plus, then we have morning time where we can laugh and talk before he heads out. We also make sure to live below our means so that if times get tough, we can always make sure our bills are paid. I don’t see any reason to rent at 30% of our income anyway. That’s crazy talk.

  5. Danielle , thank you for such a useful thread.
    As a single mom, I’m the bread winner here, and my income is fairlly small. Being frugal is a way of life in our household.
    I use left overs to make home made tv dinners which can be frozen down and microwaved on rushed days. This really helps prevent the “not left overs again complaint’ as by the time they grab a tv dinner its new again and what they choose from a frozen variety. I walk, not drive to places locally, and carpool when ever I can to go to city for supplys. I buy things on sale and stock a pantry so I don’t have to buy things when the price is high. The pantry also helps when there are times when money is just too tight to afford groceries. I don’t have enough sun to grow my own garden sadly but I do have access to farmers which also saves alot of money. I preserve at harvest when things are the most affordable and harvest what grows wild locally. (even a child can regcognise a wild apple or pear tree). Movie nights in with homade snacks instead of theaters gives family a chance to bond as well as saving money, especially if the kids help make the snacks. This is a real favorite at our house, the kids love doing finger food platters for these nights.
    Water is also a really easy place to save money. Try for one week to fill jugs for all your water use drinking, doing dishes, washing face and teeth, ect. Filling the jugs gives a real appreciation on exactly how much water you use. Fill them in a different room and tote them to the room in which they will be used. (ie use the laundry tub for filling and carry to kitchen and bath) Water is heavy this also gives a real motive to be frugal, when you have to carry it you use it sparingly and naturally find ways to make less do the job. After the week is up you will have found real solutions that suits your family for saving on water. The kids will also have developed an appreciation for 21 century conviences. I also down graded the size of our hot water heater it cost less and you make it go the distance when you have less to work with.
    The list can go on forever, but every family is different. An easy way to find solutions that fits your family is the $20 challange. Try to budget $20 out of your finances. Pretend you simply dont have it or that it is required for an emergency. Doing this could give you a nest egg and show places of flexibility in your family’s personal budget.

    • Wow Angele awesome tips!! I love the $20 out of budget. That is such a good place to start and most of us, after a few weeks would not miss the $20. So glad you are embracing frugality as a single mom.

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