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If You Had $100…..True Individuality and Unique Desires

If you had $100 to spend on anything YOU wanted, something that was your heart’s desire, what would you buy?  You can’t pay bills, save it or give it away.  It was a gift to you to spend any way you choose.

$100 question

I posed that question Facebook the other day and I got a ton of responses.  Almost all of them were unique answers.  

The beautiful thing – there’s no right or wrong answer.  We all have a different perception of what is the most important thing to do with an extra $100.  This is because we are all unique.

We had a conversation once at my house about wasting money.  Someone said that spending $100 was “a waste of money.” It struck me that this assumption was unfair.  It might be a waste to them but to the person with the $100 it was something they really wanted to do.

For example, my husband would spend $100 on hunting gear in a flash. My brother in-law would buy a NASCAR ticket and I would spend $100 eating at Le Bernadin or Craft in New York City.  None of these are wrong, they are just different.

As Christians I think sometimes we get so focused on  black and white, truth and lies, that we forget there are some areas in life that aren’t black and white. 

  • Toilet paper over or under
  • A sweeper or a vacuum
  • $100 on food or hunting
  • Hardwood floor or carpet
  • Leather seats or cloth seats

These things are not matters of eternal importance. They are opinions as unique as we are.  God did not create us all the same.  We are not all going to like the same thing, think the same way or have the same desires.

There’s no need to condemn or judge someone because they’d do abc and you’d do xzy.  Rather, remember the Lord made us different and if the matter is upsetting or concerning, ask the Lord to give you insight into why they would do what they do, otherwise celebrate that He made us different.  Don’t misunderstand me, much of what we face these days is black and white gone gray and outright deception but let’s remember that things that are not a matter of Truth are not worth our time arguing about or cutting someone down over.

So you use your $100 to buy a new outfit or gluten free baking supplies and I’ll use mine to eat a once in a lifetime meal….and together we can celebrate that He gave us all individuality and unique desires.

So tell me, what would you do with your $100?

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  1. Our church was given $1,000 last year by another Lutheran Church in our Synod. Ten people were given $100 to bless others. My Pastor gave the envelopes out in one of our church services and I was blessed to receive one of the envelopes. I picked one person who had been through a lot and bought her 12 different gifts of things she liked and celebrated the 12 days of Christmas idea I learned of through another blog also sharing the love and Gospel. I had a blast with it 🙂 I would do it all over again so with my $100 I would bless someone else in need.
    Have a beautiful day!!

  2. I would buy two train tickets for me and a friend to Chicago and go see the Magnificent Mile at Christmas. I have a couple of friends who have never visted Chicago.

  3. Money for ME? Not my kids? Or for bills? I’d probably cry a bit first, then hit the book store! (Practical me is screaming buy boots or a coat).

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