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One Foot On the Water & Hangin’ On for Dear Life


My good friend and her husband are leaving their pastor positions after 16 years of steady-paying roles in the church.

My position as Business Manager has been eliminated at 13 years of working my way from a customer service agent to a manager, making darn good money for never setting foot in a college.

The funny part:  All three of us are happy, relieved and feel less burdened with these changes.

To say we’re out of the boat is an understatement.

My friends have recently begun financial coaching with Mvelopes to help prioritize their spending, get out of debt and better align their finances for saving money and now their are giving up extra income?  What sense does that make? And to be happy about the decision on top of it?   Who does that?

I promise, they aren’t crazy.

And I all but cried tears of joy when they said my position was being eliminated.  I want nothing more than to be at home, pursue my job as a financial coach and take care of my family.

I’m not crazy either.

Out of the Boat

I used to only only imagine what Peter felt that early morning when he took a step of faith, literally, and lifted his leg over the side of that boat.  Now I know what it feels like.

If the Lord calls you out of the boat it is the scariest, safest, most peaceful place to be.

I wont’ lie.  When promise becomes reality it can be scary.  I remember when I found out I was pregnant I was terrified.  I wanted a child for so long and then it came to pass and I didn’t know what to do with this new reality at first.

So it is with the job.

I know it is God’s will, I know it is God’s timing and I know we are in the palm of His hand but there is something surreal about letting go of the comfortable and stepping into the unknown.

Peter must have had butterflies in his stomach.  His hands had to be shaking and his knees a bit weak.  Maybe he even had tears in his eyes as the sheer joy and terror of what he was doing.

It’s all good though so long as our eyes are on Jesus.

Eyes Focused

I called my friend to tell her the news and she said “You sound a little scared.”  Um…yeah.  A bit.

What if I can’t collect unemployment?

What if Brad wigs out?

What if we loose our house?

Sounds like a real woman of faith doesn’t it?

At the moment my promise became reality the devil began to work overtime.  See he couldn’t negate the promise of God but he could make me miserable and doubtful and fearful of the reality by getting me to off focus.

She prayed for me and as I drove home worshiping the Lord total peace came over me.

It’s still scary in the sense that it’s unknown territory in the natural but I have peace that this is the promise of God and the enemy cannot steal it.

Poor Peter lost his focus for a second too.

I wonder if the others in the boat were cheering him or watching in sheer terror themselves?

But Jesus was there to catch him.

He lost his focus, he doubted, but the Lord didn’t let him drown; He reached out his loving, mighty hand and saved Peter from death.

My friends and I know what we are doing/desired to do is not “normal” nor is it easy. But when God is calling you to or from something obedience is the only way to get to His promise.

I’m out of the boat and the only thing I have to hold on to is Jesus’ hand. I’m hanging on for dear life knowing He won’t let us drown.  I know His plan is coming forth and even though it’s scary it feels so good to be in the water!

Have you been out of the boat? What is a wonderfully terrifying experience?


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  1. So happy for you girl! I have never made more than $11,000 a year in my entire life. Always working but not in a traditional way or job. AND, I have always had what I needed. Thankful for a husband who works hard and pays our big bills too! But mostly, I know God has had my back in all the years I have not marched to the traditional drummer.
    Had a dream last night about being lost. I really need to pray into this one. I couldn’t find my way home! Somehow I got separated from everyone else. I’m not sure if this was a “God dream” or not. It was unsettling to think that I may have gotten off the path He has for me. When I woke up I was relieved to find that I was actually at home. Hmm…
    I know God is honoring your sacrifice and will take you to the places He has planned for you along with fulfilling your dream! You don’t smell like smoke!!! 🙂

  2. So proud of you for “doing it afraid”! Our dreams and destiny is never the easy path… if it were, it would never take faith in the Lord and obedienc to Him to fulfill it!!

  3. Wow! I’m so glad you are going to be able to stay home! God will be faithful and provide for you the whole way through! 🙂


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