Restoring the Lost Petal

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Restoring the Lost Petal

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Are you hiding from your past?

Can you feel the damage they have caused?

Restoring the Lost Petal is a journey through the lost and restoration of sexual purity.

It is my story.

It is your story.

It is the story of millions of women, young and old, who believed the lie of the world, that sex is a liberating experience.

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I found out the hard way, after years of pain, shame and guilt that I was tied in spiritual chains to the men in my past.  I medicated with more sex, alcohol and pot.   Do you know the feeling?

Nothing helps.

The shame will not go away.

The pain in you heart is real and it feels like it will never leave.

I thought it would always be like that too. Then, I realize the love of my Father and the healing power found only in Him to break the ties and cover the sins so I could be restored.

Restoring the Lost Petal

You can find healing and restoration too.

In Restoring the Lost Petal you’ll learn about the spiritual, physical and emotional ties created when you lose your purity.  We’ll also explore how to find healing with heart-probing questions and prayers to heal you from the inside out.

You’ll walk through the process of forgiveness and find healing in letting go on the past that haunts you. 

 Praise for Restoring the Lost Petal

Restoring the Lost Petal opens the readers eyes to a whole new meaning of modesty and purity. Allow Danielle take you through her own story of healing and allow our Heavenly Father heal you as well. As a woman who ministries to young women I can’t wait to share this beautiful resource with my precious girls who are going through or coming out of quite similar stories. Be blessed as you read this redeeming story. ”
~ Katie Mae Stanley, Nourishing Simplicity

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“In Restoring the Lost Petal Danielle Tate describes the consequences of sexual sin. Her account is open, honest, without shame, and shows that women can also struggle with sexual purity. Tate’s account of healing and restoration brings hope. If you have given away your petals with premarital sex or abusive relationships, you will find steps to help you on your own path to restoration. If you need healing, let the Lord use “Restoring the Lost Petal” to give you hope and direction.”
Virginia George

Restoring The Lost Petal helps you through the process of probing the why we may have sinned, how our sin affects us and how it effect others. And then smoothly helps us pray and seek forgiveness. Not just from God, but also the often the harder process of forgiving ourselves.”
~ reader Becky Corun

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