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Stick and Stones: The Day I Made My Son Cry

I received a copy of Keep It Shut for review. The opinions expressed below are mine. 


I was at my whits end. The stresses of motherhood where like a heavy weight around my neck. Juggling clients, home management, motherhood and ministry are usually not an issue but that day I was at me end.

When I’m mad or frustrated my mouth runs. Too much. And this day the effects of my careless vomiting of words landed squarely on my wide-eyed, four year old.

I made him cry. Not because I had to discipline or because he didn’t get what he thought he needed. No, I made him cry because I scared him with my words. No cussing, no threatening of bodily harm but something far worse. I threatened to send him to school because if he wouldn’t obey me, there was no way I was continuing to homeschool him.

You don’t need to tell me how foolish those words are. You don’t need to remind me that this was a cop-out and not a solution. Please don’t chastise me for being irrational.

All of those realizations hit me with hurricane force as I watched fear and worry wash across the face of my little angel.

I need to do something with my mouth. I know it gets me into trouble when I’m stressed out yet I continue to allow myself to go down that path time and time again.

How ironic that the next day I open my mailbox to find my review copy of Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing… by Karen Ehman.

“Thanks God, I get the hint,”  I mumbled as I opened the rest of the mail. I always joke about getting a message from God in my mailbox so I know what He wants me to do.  This was my message.

A New Best Friend

I’ve made a new best friend since cracking open the pages of this book. Karen Ehman and I share a problem. Our mouth runs more than stock car on race day.  I immediately went to Chapter 9: Hurling Hate or Healing Hearts. Yep, that was me. I was hurling hate and I surly had a heart to heal; a tender little one that did not deserve my verbal pyrotechnics.  Hitting me square in the face was the top of page 157:

“Children should obey their parents (Ephesians 6:1). But when they don’t? Well, I couldn’t recall a single verse that then grants parents the right to holler and scream, giving all the neighbors who are trying to eat their spaghetti supper both dinner and a show.” 

Not only do I now love Karen I think we may be long lost sisters.

Mouth problems are really heart problems that erupt like a volcano. Our mouth either burns like molten lava or soothes like Living Water. We get to choose which comes out. Did you catch that? It’s a choice.  Most of us do not consider that what we say in anger or frustration is controllable. We excuse it because our emotions go the best of us, or we were furious at the time. Chapter 4, Zip It and Pray reminded me how a dynamic, habitual pray life will impact the words I say. I’ve even begun to realize when my mouth is running that I am making a choice to spew negativity. Admitting there’s a problem is the first step, right? Now God is can begin leading me toward a more controlled mouth.

Molten lava or Living Water, which do you want to speak?

Glad You Found Help But I Don’t Have A Mouth Problem

Awesome. It’s a heard beast to tame so if you’re mouth is as tame as a stuffed cougar I applaud you. Before you click to the next page (or miss entering the giveaway below) think about this question:

How is your cyber mouth?

Oh yes, the mouth that runs from your mind to your fingertips and fires off whatever thought came into your head.  You know the one. The snarky judgmental comments you leave on blog posts when you only read the title not the text. The harsh Times New Roman that is attached to your Facebook account telling Heather Hollywood how she’s going to burn in Hell.

That my friend is still a mouth problem. And as a Christian, dare I saw it’s killing your witness.

Please see Chapter 6: Behind the Screen.

Since we are all working out our salvation, daily working toward becoming more like Christ we all have heart issues. Those heart issues from time to time become mouth issues and we need to control our tongue. Keep It Shut is a must have for every woman’s bookshelf. From anger to gossip and lying to the last word, I know there are nuggets of truth waiting for you within the pages of Keep It Shut.

Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing...

Go Deeper, Spread the Healing

If you find this book as helpful as I did I recommend prayerfully considering a Bible Study on the subject of The Mouth. Family Christian also offers the Keep It Shut Study Guide with DVD . You can dig deeper into understanding what makes your mouth operate and spread some healing through your women’s ministry, MOPS group or just your closest girlfriends. Imagine how much cleaner the atmosphere would be if we prayed before we pounced?

Has your mouth ever gotten you into trouble?

Many thanks to Family Christian for hosting a giveaway of Keep It Shut.  Good luck and remember to think before you speak!

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  1. Oh I have the same problem. My mouth spews venom before my brain even knows who I’m spewing at. I have tried to get better (and I am) but every now and then the hurt I see I’ve caused shows up and it just kills me.

    • We just had a little incident last night. When I get tired or my patience is thin my filter dissolves quickly. I hate it. At least I’m more aware and the venom spews for a shorter time now. Not where I need to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be!

  2. Oh, my mouth gets me in trouble too! This book sounds great. I entered the giveaway too.

  3. My mouth has gotten me into trouble mainly because I disclose too much. Sounds like a wonderful book and would I would get a lot out of.

  4. I need this book. I have what is known as diarrhea of the mouth.

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