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Stop Feeding Satan

As I walked along a crowded outdoor marketplace there was an older woman being harassed by a small mangy dog.  The dog had cornered her and wanted the bread she had just purchased with the little bit of money she had.  She looked terrified and gave the dog some of what she had but the dog wanted it all. He kept tormenting her seeming to know she’d give in sooner or later.  Beside her, within arm’s reach was a large stick sufficient enough for whacking that dog into silence (and beyond). 

feeding satan

The other day in my quite time with the Lord I saw this scene play out as a vision.  It was quick, but the message was clear.  

Do not give the enemy the spoils Jesus has paid the price for you to have.  

This woman was too afraid of the little dog to see the big stick right next to her.

The enemy comes for one purpose, to steal, kill and destroy.  But the enemy has been defeated.  He operates through fear and condemnation to get his victim to give him what he wants.  He knows if can frighten his victim enough eventually they will give in, seeing no way around or out.   Satan only has the power we give him.

I fear this is the place where many people give up on their children, marriages, promises and sadly, life.

steal kill destory

But we have victory in Jesus Christ.  He went to Hell, took the keys from Satan and is alive!! If you have a relationship with Christ this should make you want to jump up and praise Him.

He loved us enough to die for us.  This is the victory we have.  It isn’t in our own strength that we can  stand against Satan, it is with the armor of and love of God that we stand victorious.

Life is not sunshine and roses, nor a walk in the park on a warm spring day.  We live in a fallen world and there are bad, downright evil things that happen every day. This will not change until Jesus returns.

But sometimes what we think is of as “bad” in the natural ends up being the best thing that could have ever happened to us?


Because we cannot see the end from the beginning.  We see only what is in front of us but the One who sees it all is in control.  When life throws us curve balls we never expected we must cling tightly to the Lord and whack Satan with a stick.

I lived in a place of fear for many years.  I let Satan constantly whisper in my ear and never realized I had power over him.  I was always giving him the bread of life that God wanted me to have.  I was feeding Satan.  I was letting him win the battle and sadly, I was giving him the weapons.

Are you feeding Satan your peace and joy?  Is he giving you back fear, anxiety and condemnation?  Then whack him with the stick of God’s word and start living in victory.  Remind him that he has lost and Christ has won.  You may need to do that out loud, several times a day.

I used to have to tell myself “No, you are not going to worry!” Satan, I am not a worrier!” and I would do this several times a day.

These aren’t examples of life circumstances but I feel led to share some areas where Satan had victory in my life.

I would worry so much that something bad would happen to Brad when he wasn’t home that I could not sleep until he got home.  And if he was out late then I’d get mad that I sat up and worried all night waiting for him and I’d take that anger out on him.  I wasn’t waiting up to see him or waiting up out of respect or love it was all motivated by fear. 

I thought for sure he’d cheat on me and though he never gave me a reason to believe this, Satan used events from my past to make me fearful of my future.  So much so that when he was helping out on night work I once got up at 2 am, drove to his job and checked to see if his truck was there.  I never told him that but I did.  All because of fear and lies that Satan whispered to me.

Now, when I see fear creeping in I’m quick to whack it. And if I can’t find my stick I talk about it with a godly friend who can show me where it is and we can whack together.

Are you recognizing when you’re feeding Satan?  What areas are you feeding him in?

For more encouragement this post from Gail at Confessions over Coffee is an excellent read.  



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  1. Satan will take us into “What If Land” if he can! When we cast down those imaginations, we are kicking fear in teeth! 🙂 Satan too!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I live in “What if…” too much. My family has experienced multiple tragidies and it is so hard to stay out of there. My favorite verse is Is. 26:3 ” The mind that stays on Him will have perfect peace, because his mind has stayed on Him.” I find myself repeating it often when my husband goes night fishing, takes the oldest 2 children to the local dirt track, when he’s traveling 500+ miles in one day for work…

  3. Thanks for writing this…I really needed the message! Today I faced so many feelings of unworthiness in belonging to and being active in the church. I asked God if He would show me the way and He did through your words.

    Thanks again,

    • Danielle says:

      You’re welcome Dolly! This was something I’d seen in a vision He gave me during quite time and I felt let to share, perhaps for you and you alone but that’s how wonderful our Lord is. 🙂


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