Restoring the Lost Petal

Finances, Faith & Fire: My Story As A Former Working Mama, Part 1

I couldn’t wait to get my first job when I turned 16. I remember nervously sitting in an interview in the mall food court hoping I’d get hired at Taco John’s (shutter).  Then, I graduated high school on a Wednesday and started working full time the following Monday. I worked full time for 18 years and I’m […]

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Misconceptions: The Single, Working, Homeschooling Mama Part 1

Maybe my friend Karen is a rare breed. A single, homeschooling, working mom is a role I once never thought was possible.  But with God, all things are possible.  I felt the Misconceptions Series would not be complete without a look into the life a mom who has faced hard choices some of us never […]

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Misconceptions: The Working Mom

This is installment four of a multi-post series on the misconceptions of women.  Everywhere we look we see women in roles or seasons of life that get stereotypically categorized as this or that. Perhaps you are one of these women or perhaps you have never stopped to understand these women.  This series is meant to expel […]

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