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What To Do When God Says Pause

I haven’t logged on to the back-end of the blog in over 2 weeks.

I haven’t checked my Facebook page in just as long. I’m torn.

There are times when I hate that thought and times when I’m glad. What should you do when God says, "Pause"? God has told me I need to thin out my schedule a bit. It’s funny because a few weeks ago I posted on a networking group that I feel like I was more organized and accomplished when I worked full time.  The girls gave me some good insight that’d I’d forgotten about. I’ve noticed that it’s a whole lot easier to keep a house clean when nobody is really living there except to come home to sleep.

Once you’re actually living in your home all day/most of the day it gets that “lived in” feel,” was one comment. 

Cause you get more done when you are busy.”

 I think having a constant to work around goes a long way. As does variety.”

I have forgotten some basics in priorities and principles and God is asking me to pause. It’s not a stop, a give up or a quit. It’s just pause.

Pause says, “This will continue. But there’s something else necessary before it does.”

That’s where I am.

I’m reorganizing my life with His leading because I got a bit too far out of whack. I’ll be writing on occasion and posting on the Facebook page but not as often for a little while (only God knows how long.)

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

Where is your life?  Are you in a love relationship with Daddy God?  Is He your first priority followed by your husband, children and then everything else?  Are you too busy? Not busy enough?  What triggers you to an emotional state of stress?

Have you forgotten your first love and your first calling?  Spend time with Him and ask Him.  Reevaluate your life often and make sure your priorities are His priorities.  

If God says “Pause,” don’t fight it.  Tell Him if you’re frustrated by it and ask Him to help you.  Go through that immense list of e-books you got last month or last fall and see what resources are there to help you.

Talk to your godly friends and if you need to, get an accountability partner. Sometimes, pause is temporary but very necessary.



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  1. Pause is good. 🙂


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