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The Double Standard of Women’s Rights: Statutory Rape and The Morning After Pill

sex and the morning after pill

Protecting Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves

There’s this widely recognized law in most states that goes by the common term statutory rape.  Statutory rape is commonly defined as one sexual activity in which one participant is under the legal age of consent and the other is not.

Basically an “adult” and a minor “child” engaging in sexual activity can hold stiff judgment for the “adult” involved.

Why does such a law exist?

The goal of this law is to protect those of lesser mental capacity (due to age) from engaging in activity they may not fully understand or understand the consequences thereof.  It’s a known fact that a teenager’s brain is not fully capable of reasoning out life or seeing past Friday night as the song goes.  So in order to help protect our young men and women from making decisions that could negatively impact the rest of their lives, we have this law.

So if I’m a 16 year old girl, I legally cannot have sex with my 18 year old boyfriend because I lack the mental faculties to comprehend my actions.

Fair enough.  Looking at that alone it makes some sense. “Age” doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to the difference in age; my husband and I are ten years apart.  What this law attempts to do is recognize that there is a certain age at which a person is not yet fully realizing the impact of their decision.

Again, looking at this law, it seems like the right thing to do.  There are, after all, adult men and women who prey on children who do not know the gravity of a sexual relationship.  I have personally made countless mistakes as a teen and young adult and now, looking back, I can see that I wasn’t looking past Friday night; every decision I made was based on the here and now.  The guys I dated, the places I went and how I spent my money were all on a whim reasoned out to the best of my still-developing brain.

Along Comes “Reproductive Rights”

Then we have this phrase “reproductive rights”  whereby women have the right to control and decide when we will conceive or when we will allow a conceived child to be birthed forth into the world. 

As a stand alone concept I almost agree.  No one should be able to force another person to conceive.  No one should force sex upon another against the other person’s will.  I know there are countries were children are married off with the purpose of bearing children.  This is a crime.  

Reproductive Rights today has less to do with banning underage marriage, rape, forced motherhood or sexual slavery, however.  The term “Reproductive rights” has become a catch phrase for pro-abortion advocates to say women can choose when a life comes to be and when it does not.

A 16 year old girl now has access to morning after abortion pills at the local drug store because they have the “right” to get it, the “right” to choose.

So if I’m 16 I’m supposed to be able to make my own decision about my “reproductive rights” and have access to the morning after pill that will terminate a pregnancy.  Reproductive rights advocates say I have the mental capacity to decide if I want to essentially stop a life that has started to develop.

The Catch-22

At 16, you do not have the ‘right’ to have sex with a 18 year old man because your brain isn’t able to fully reason out that activity.  However, if you have sex with a 16 year old boy you can access the morning after pill to stop a pregnancy, because you have that “right.”

Either a 16 year old girl has the mental capacity to reason BOTH of these or she doesn’t.

The world wants to have it both ways.

The Biblical Solution

The most logical answer, at least to me, is the 16 year old girl should not be having sex.  Not because mommy or teacher or pastor or the “all-knowing” government say so, but because she was taught to understand the value of her body, the gift of sex and the life-long consequences of plucking pedals from a flower before they are in full bloom.

If we taught the spiritual implications of  sex outside marriage, girls would be more equipped to withstand the pressures of the world.  This is not a one-and-done rehearsed speech we present to our teens with sweaty palms and a cracking voice.  This is is an open conversation that spans though their childhood, preteen and teenage years. Why?  Because their brains are’t fully developed.  One and done doesn’t cut it.  One and done isn’t enough.

Not all girls will heed the advice or listen to the message; not everyone obeys the speed limit either. But if more girls, and women, truly understood the powerful effect of having sex, we wouldn’t need to discuss the morning after pill for 16 year old girls.

Parents, we must stand up and take action with God’s help to train up our children in this area.    Do not be led down the road of deception that this is all just “okay” and part of the culture.  Everywhere around us there are lies posing as truth packaged in pop culture and tied up with a politically correct bow.  But the Truth has not changed.  The Truth is counter-culture but the Truth is were freedom lies.  Freedom is not free-will to do whatever our flesh desires.  Freedom is freedom from the chains of bondage, freedom from sin, past hurts and freedom from a world that is leading to nowhere.


Our children need to understand Biblical sexuality.  We can’t shy away from this topic because it seems too risque or because we might have to use anatomically correct words.   Do not allow the world to tell you that because you “did it,” you can’t tell your children not to.  

If you have guilt and shame from your past sexual sins, seek restoration and healing.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, Christ can take away those chains and break those ties you have to the people in your past.  You can read more and find healing in the book Restoring the Lost Petal, which is releasing February 1, 2014.


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  1. Yes!! And that’s not to say that 16 year olds are dumb, or anything. Just that there are much bigger consequences to these sorts of behaviors than anyone wants to admit. And if a woman wants to have the right to do what she wants with her own body–sure, go for it. It’s your body. But the right to murder an innocent child that didn’t have a chance to say–not so much.

  2. Good article! I have a question though; the morning after pill you’re talking about. Are you sure it causes abortion? I don’t know where you live or what is available over the counter, but where I live in canada, the morning after pill is something to prevent any eggs from being released, since sperm stays in the body for longer than just “Friday night” and as a result conception can take place even the next morning. Hence, the pill that prevents any egg release the next morning. If conception has already taken place, it can’t do anything. The pregnancy would continue. Is it a different pill available where you are? I was shocked to read that abortion pills are available; didn’t think that was possible in pill form like that, especially over the counter.


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